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Our Commitments


In 2015, 193 world leaders endorsed the United Nations‘ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), setting ambitious targets for global peace and prosperity by 2030. These targets include eradicating poverty, combating inequality, and tackling the urgent issue of climate change.

The SDGs represent a paramount global framework committed to protecting our planet and its people. Businesses, governments, and society at large, including the transportation sector, bear the responsibility to confront our world‘s economic, social, and environmental challenges.

At Public Transport, we acknowledge our role in this pursuit. Our sustainability targets reflect our commitment to the SDGs, highlighting our contribution towards these global objectives. We stand dedicated to driving the transformation toward a more sustainable global economy.

Priority goals

Responsibility is part of our mission, and to make the most meaningful impact possible, we took part in a workshop to identify our priority Goals. In previous years, as reported in our CSR 2019 and 2021 reports, our strategy has been well intentioned but lacked a framework for aligning our actions with the wider global actions.

As a result, we decided to commit to four priority Goals.